The company ALPHA GEFSI EDESMATA Industrial and Commercial S.A., with the distinctive title “ALPHA GEFSI”, was established in 1998 and is specialized in traditional salad production.

The company’s goal is the production of healthy and tasty products with quality always being a priority.

Apart from high quality materials, ALPHA GEFSI has invested in developing methods that allow the quality assurance throughout the whole trip of products until they reach the consumers’ fridge. High technology methods and strict standards in production are applied in our facilities so that high quality, nutritional value and freshness can be guaranteed for all products.

The company has developed a Food Safety and Quality Management System according to: ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008, ELOT EN ISO:22000:2005, BRC and IFS standards in order to fully guarantee the products’ safety. Therefore, the company gains the customer preference and trust more and more every day.

The recipe for success is pure and original just like our products. We know how to make use of the tradition and by using high technology we adjust products to the Greek family’s contemporary demands and nutritional needs.

The company promises to continue offering consumers excellent and delicious products on a daily basis made of fresh materials and products of high nutritional value with their traditional and original taste while respecting tradition and committing to quality. ALPHA GEFSI has become a synonym for high quality and tasty products.

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